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Video: “What Should We Think About Death?”

Thank you to Recovering from Religion for tweeting this awesome little video by the British Humanist Association. A simple and comforting explanation of Humanist philosophies about death, narrated by Stephen Fry and illustrated with charming animation.  Very appropriate for children.

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Beyond Funny

Of course, more than one person pointed me towards The Onion’s video, “Leading Cause of Death in the US is God Needing Another Angel,” this week.  And more than one person questioned whether this would be funny to a grieving atheist parent. All  nonbelievers  reject the sugary tropes explaining why an all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving […]

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Open the Box: Dr. Nancy Berns on the Problems with “Closure”

From a TEDx  talk by Nancy Berns, PhD, “Beyond Closure: The Space Between Joy and Grief”: As humans, we have the capacity to carry joy and grief at the same time. So what would happen, if rather than telling people to put a lid on their pain, we open the box and listen to people’s […]

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