Guest Post: If You Want to Comfort, Don’t Assume

Elizabeth Rubenstein, a grieving mother who describes herself as an agnostic atheist, originally posted this on the Facebook page Walking with Forest, a page on which she and her husband have shared the story of their son Forest. If You Want to Comfort, Don’t Assume by Elizabeth Rubenstein We don’t believe in God. We fall into […]

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Guest Post: Surviving Surviving

By Tim Kingston I have been suffering from what could best be termed “temporal whiplash” lately. I am part of a group that organized a June reunion of AIDS activists for the 25th anniversary of the VI International AIDS Conference, held in San Francisco in 1990. At that time, I was a reporter loosely affiliated with the […]

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Guest Post: Bringing Faith-Free Support to The Compassionate Friends

Three months after my son Jude died in 2009, I discovered the Facebook page of a worldwide parental grief organization called The Compassionate Friends. In those dark months, their community provided invaluable support — and inspired the eventual creation of the Grief Beyond Belief Facebook page, which provided the same sort of online grief support, just […]

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Guest Post: Rumination

by Hank Fox, author of Red Neck Blue Collar Atheist: Simple Thoughts About Reason, Gods & Faith, reposted from his blog, A Citizen of Earth. Three years later, I don’t dwell on my Dad all the time. When I do dwell on him, I can have these surges of sorrow, missing him with painful intensity. But it’s […]

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Guest Post: My Atheist Advice to Grieving Ten Year Olds

by Susan Lynne Mehalick This post was originally published on Saturday, November 19, 2011 in the blog Nutballgirl Uninterrupted. She posted the link to the Grief Beyond Belief public page at Facebook and founder Rebecca Hensler was so moved that she asked for permission to republish it here. A few weeks ago, a little ten year […]

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Guest Post: Truly Listen

An anonymous member of the closed Grief Beyond Belief Group at Facebook has generously allowed us to publish this beautiful and insightful guess post: The 18th of this month will mark one year since my mother died. Here are some thoughts I’ve gathered and wanted to share with everyone in this group. They could be missing […]

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Thank You

Grief Beyond Belief is a labor of love.  It was born of the love of a grieving mother, grew through the immense kindness and compassion of the secular community, continues to thrive through the day-to-day work of a handful of volunteers, and is expanding with the help of those who contributed to its resources. Without […]

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Nurturing Skepticism in the Grieving: Mark Tilbrook

Ed Brayton of Freethought Blogs summarizes the story of British skeptic Mark Tilbrook offering grieving people the tools with which they can assess the claims of a “psychic.” A particular “psychic” and her spouse are making him pay for his courage and compassion with threats and a lawsuit. Here is the original flyer he distributed to audience members going to […]

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Guest Post: “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow”

“Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” by Humanistic Rabbi Adam Chalom This post was originally delivered as part of a Yom Kippur Memorial sermon at Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation in 2008. The human brain is marvelous. It can experience the world around us, processing a million sensations a minute into coherent reality. It can analyze, synthesize, and […]

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Coming Through: Humor, Me

People who know me know I’ve got an off-beat sense of humor. I find most of my humor in situations others would consider pretty terrible, because I have a sick sad little mind, sometimes. We have to laugh though, because if we don’t we’re gonna get crushed. And that isn’t some two-bit philosophy – sometimes […]

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