Who Advocates for Your Grief?

At the Grief Beyond Belief Facebook Page, Dawn Freeman Schulte told this story in response to the meme about the invisible battles we are all fighting.

I have an annual feast at my house – Thanksgiving, but in May – Maysgiving.

The year I had my second miscarriage, I had to postpone; part health recovery, part not giving a shit.

We were all in the kitchen, and my family was teasing me about putting it off. Having Maysgiving in July. I was hurt that they weren’t even acknowledging the elephant in the room. I couldn’t speak, so my best friend looked at my Mom and my sisters and said, “Her baby just died. Of course there was no Maysgiving in May.”

I’ll never forget her courage and thoughtfulness to advocate for my grief in that moment when everyone else wanted to just forget about it.

Is there someone out there whom you would like to thank for “advocating for [your] grief”?

(By the way, Dawn has started a FB grief-support page of her own, Griefscapes, and invites you to check it out.  Be aware that it isn’t explicitly secular.)

About Rebecca Hensler

Rebecca Hensler founded Grief Beyond Belief in 2011, following the death of her infant son Jude. She runs Grief Beyond Belief from her home and continues to write and speak on the topics of grief without faith and secular grief support.
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