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Coming Through: Humor, Me

People who know me know I’ve got an off-beat sense of humor. I find most of my humor in situations others would consider pretty terrible, because I have a sick sad little mind, sometimes. We have to laugh though, because if we don’t we’re gonna get crushed. And that isn’t some two-bit philosophy – sometimes […]

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Beyond Funny

Of course, more than one person pointed me towards The Onion’s video, “Leading Cause of Death in the US is God Needing Another Angel,” this week.  And more than one person questioned whether this would be funny to a grieving atheist parent. All  nonbelievers  reject the sugary tropes explaining why an all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving […]

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A Little Bleak Humor About Working While Grieving

Suzanne posted this apt piece about the workplace perils grieving parents face on the GBB Facebook Page.  Most apply to anyone grieving, actually.  Here’s an excerpt from “A Bereaved Parent’s (tongue-in-cheek) Guide to Job Postings” in The Mourning After Natasha blog. The job posting says: “Must be flexible and willing to take on new challenges.” What it really […]

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