Open the Box: Dr. Nancy Berns on the Problems with “Closure”

From a TEDx  talk by Nancy Berns, PhD, “Beyond Closure: The Space Between Joy and Grief”:

As humans, we have the capacity to carry joy and grief at the same time. So what would happen, if rather than telling people to put a lid on their pain, we open the box and listen to people’s stories.

Listening to each others’ stories is what peer-to-peer grief support is all about.  When we share our stories, back and forth, finding similarities and differences, and sharing what has worked for us without presuming it will work for everyone, we can help each other out of the pit of grief.  We don’t aim to leave grief behind by finding “closure,” we simply lend a hand in learning to live and move forward with grief.

Here is Dr. Berns’ talk:

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Rebecca Hensler founded Grief Beyond Belief in 2011, following the death of her infant son Jude. She runs Grief Beyond Belief from her home and continues to write and speak on the topics of grief without faith and secular grief support.

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