Does grief exhaust you?

From the very helpful and mostly secular grief site, “Hello Grief,” an article about how and why grief exhausts us and what to do about it:

The work of grief is a constant drain to the system. It is taxing on many levels and many layers – conscious and unconscious, physical as well as emotional…

…Pay attention to the body. It will guide you during this entire journey if you let it. Be patient with yourself. Treat yourself as if you are in an ICU. Don’t be surprised when you cannot do normal tasks that were once easy to complete. Remember that this is temporary….

Remember too that the body is taking on an impressive job of protecting you. Honor and respect that whatever information your body gives you is vital. Take it slow. Rest, change up your routine, take time for “mindful living” to recharge.

Ask for help.

Be good to yourself.

Jill FitzGerald, “The Work of Grief,”

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Rebecca Hensler founded Grief Beyond Belief in 2011, following the death of her infant son Jude. She runs Grief Beyond Belief from her home and continues to write and speak on the topics of grief without faith and secular grief support.


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