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Guest Post: If You Want to Comfort, Don’t Assume

Elizabeth Rubenstein, a grieving mother who describes herself as an agnostic atheist, originally posted this on the Facebook page Walking with Forest, a page on which she and her husband have shared the story of their son Forest. If You Want to Comfort, Don’t Assume by Elizabeth Rubenstein We don’t believe in God. We fall into […]

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Guest Post: Rumination

by Hank Fox, author of Red Neck Blue Collar Atheist: Simple Thoughts About Reason, Gods & Faith, reposted from his blog, A Citizen of Earth. Three years later, I don’t dwell on my Dad all the time. When I do dwell on him, I can have these surges of sorrow, missing him with painful intensity. But it’s […]

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Thank You

Grief Beyond Belief is a labor of love.  It was born of the love of a grieving mother, grew through the immense kindness and compassion of the secular community, continues to thrive through the day-to-day work of a handful of volunteers, and is expanding with the help of those who contributed to its resources. Without […]

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On Love, Grief and the Self Unshared

Freethought Blogger Aoife O’Riordan of Consider the Tea Cosy has written an insightful piece about the intersection of her grief at her grandmother’s death and her grief for the barriers to sharing her true self that her grandmother’s religious belief placed between them. Here is an excerpt from “When My Nan Died: Religon, Closets and Love“: And here’s […]

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God’s #*<&ing Plan

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Thank You to Everyone Supporting’s Launch

Just like back in June of 2011,when  atheist, Humanist and other secular bloggers stepped up to let people know that Grief Beyond Belief existed, the atheosphere is really doing it’s part to get out the word that Grief Beyond Belief has new resources available here at Hemant Mehta wrote a short but sweet post on his blog […]

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On Food and Comfort

From Grief Beyond Belief member William Farlin Cain’s  blog entry on how providing food for grieving friends can be one of the kindest ways to support them in a time of need and sorrow: Food is powerful – most people can eat anything you put in front of them, so making them some manner of […]

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“In the aftermath of loss…”

From “Nobody’s Son,” a painful, lovely and secular piece of grief writing by Mark Slouka in The New Yorker. I don’t want to be misunderstood: I’m not selling this as any kind of blueprint, any kind of three- or five- or eight-step program to anything at all; as far as I can tell, there is […]

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Who Advocates for Your Grief?

At the Grief Beyond Belief Facebook Page, Dawn Freeman Schulte told this story in response to the meme about the invisible battles we are all fighting. I have an annual feast at my house – Thanksgiving, but in May – Maysgiving. The year I had my second miscarriage, I had to postpone; part health recovery, […]

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A Little Bleak Humor About Working While Grieving

Suzanne posted this apt piece about the workplace perils grieving parents face on the GBB Facebook Page.  Most apply to anyone grieving, actually.  Here’s an excerpt from “A Bereaved Parent’s (tongue-in-cheek) Guide to Job Postings” in The Mourning After Natasha blog. The job posting says: “Must be flexible and willing to take on new challenges.” What it really […]

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