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Guest Post: Surviving Surviving

By Tim Kingston I have been suffering from what could best be termed “temporal whiplash” lately. I am part of a group that organized a June reunion of AIDS activists for the 25th anniversary of the VI International AIDS Conference, held in San Francisco in 1990. At that time, I was a reporter loosely affiliated with the […]

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Coming Through: Good Grief, Again?

Going through the archives of GBB, I frequently find comments where people ask why their brains insist on not just remembering that someone is gone, but reminding them they’re gone. We forget for a few precious seconds and have our minds to ourselves, then bam, we’re hit again. We see a show and laugh, reaching […]

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Guest Post: How Not to Deal with Grief

The following essay is anonymous.  The author wanted to share his experience of grieving — and not grieving — during the early years of the AIDS epidemic with a degree of honesty that made it impossible to publish under his own name.   I know I’m not the last man standing, and I know that […]

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To hug or not to hug?

Why is it that my grief seems to give people permission to invade my personal space? A total stranger and I are talking about our work, the way strangers do.  We are on the patio at a club, and we’ve both had a few drinks, so the conversation is a little less coherent and a little more […]

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