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Coming Through: Polite Yet Firm

Hello again, everyone, William here. I try to make my contributions to the web worth the one-half of an English degree I’ve managed to get, but I am not by nature a particularly polite or restrained guy. I’m impulsive, prone to speaking my mind, and it’s really sabotaged a lot of potential friendships I might […]

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No, actually we do pretty much know…

Do you ever get tired of hearing people say “Well, we don’t know what happens after someone dies”?  Or, “It’s not like anyone can come back to tell us what happens after we die, so we’re never going to know for sure”?  And then they use that as a justification for believing in their pet afterlife hypothesis: heaven or […]

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I’ll take my grief reality-based, thank you.

See, here’s the thing… …and I’m okay with this. It’s not that the fairy stories hold no appeal.  Confession time:  In the months after my baby boy died, sometimes I indulged in daydreams about that kind of thing. My daydreams were always kind of sweet and funny.  Mostly they involved my dear friends Colin and […]

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Hank Fox on Why Grief Beyond Belief is Needed

Hank Fox, the author of Red Neck, Blue Collar Atheist: SImple Thoughts About Reason, Gods and Faith, has written eloquently today about the need for secular grief support in a blog entry called “The Club Nobody Wants to Join.”  As always, Hank gets right to the heart of the matter, the emotional experience of grief, […]

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When Your Grieving Children Encounter Comforting Myths

The Brights have produced a white paper on how to handle death and grieving in your secular family.  It is particularly useful for those helping secular children process grief. “It is all but inevitable that children will encounter ideas about death and what happens to the dead that will differ from those of their secular […]

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