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Guest Post: My Atheist Advice to Grieving Ten Year Olds

by Susan Lynne Mehalick This post was originally published on Saturday, November 19, 2011 in the blog Nutballgirl Uninterrupted. She posted the link to the Grief Beyond Belief public page at Facebook and founder Rebecca Hensler was so moved that she asked for permission to republish it here. A few weeks ago, a little ten year […]

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Comfort Without Lies for Small Children

A member of our community wrote to the Grief Beyond Belief Facebook page: My mother has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I have a three year old son who is very close to her. Does anyone know of any non-religious resources to help small children deal with grief? It isn’t easy, and sometimes even people […]

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“What we should be teaching our children”

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On Atheism and Death

Throughout the last year of my life, I have experienced a few heartbreaking losses: my mother passed away last June, and I lost a beloved cat in March. Both of them died rather young, my mother being 57 and Nero, my kitty, being only 2. Both deaths were sudden and shocking sacks of bricks that […]

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When Your Grieving Children Encounter Comforting Myths

The Brights have produced a white paper on how to handle death and grieving in your secular family.  It is particularly useful for those helping secular children process grief. “It is all but inevitable that children will encounter ideas about death and what happens to the dead that will differ from those of their secular […]

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