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Guest Post: Truly Listen

An anonymous member of the closed Grief Beyond Belief Group at Facebook has generously allowed us to publish this beautiful and insightful guess post: The 18th of this month will mark one year since my mother died. Here are some thoughts I’ve gathered and wanted to share with everyone in this group. They could be missing […]

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Coming Through: Humor, Me

People who know me know I’ve got an off-beat sense of humor. I find most of my humor in situations others would consider pretty terrible, because I have a sick sad little mind, sometimes. We have to laugh though, because if we don’t we’re gonna get crushed. And that isn’t some two-bit philosophy – sometimes […]

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Comfort Without Lies for Small Children

A member of our community wrote to the Grief Beyond Belief Facebook page: My mother has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I have a three year old son who is very close to her. Does anyone know of any non-religious resources to help small children deal with grief? It isn’t easy, and sometimes even people […]

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Coming Through: Polite Yet Firm

Hello again, everyone, William here. I try to make my contributions to the web worth the one-half of an English degree I’ve managed to get, but I am not by nature a particularly polite or restrained guy. I’m impulsive, prone to speaking my mind, and it’s really sabotaged a lot of potential friendships I might […]

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To hug or not to hug?

Why is it that my grief seems to give people permission to invade my personal space? A total stranger and I are talking about our work, the way strangers do.  We are on the patio at a club, and we’ve both had a few drinks, so the conversation is a little less coherent and a little more […]

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What do you wish you had been told about grief?

Sarah Parmenter’s blog entry, “The Things Nobody Tells You About Grief,” is so damn full of good advice.  If you have recently experienced a loss and are at the beginning of your “grief journey,” this essay is for you.  There is so much that those of us who have lived through the first few years of […]

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Open the Box: Dr. Nancy Berns on the Problems with “Closure”

From a TEDx  talk by Nancy Berns, PhD, “Beyond Closure: The Space Between Joy and Grief”: As humans, we have the capacity to carry joy and grief at the same time. So what would happen, if rather than telling people to put a lid on their pain, we open the box and listen to people’s […]

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“we supply the purpose”

From “Purpose Matters” in KimBoo York’s awesome secular grief blog, Patience and Fortitude: I suggest that we turn the definition and application of “purpose” from something suffered for mysterious, supernatural reasons, and use it in its true form: a sense of determination to create a life for yourself that is built upon the love you […]

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When Your Grieving Children Encounter Comforting Myths

The Brights have produced a white paper on how to handle death and grieving in your secular family.  It is particularly useful for those helping secular children process grief. “It is all but inevitable that children will encounter ideas about death and what happens to the dead that will differ from those of their secular […]

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Does grief exhaust you?

From the very helpful and mostly secular grief site, “Hello Grief,” an article about how and why grief exhausts us and what to do about it: The work of grief is a constant drain to the system. It is taxing on many levels and many layers – conscious and unconscious, physical as well as emotional… …Pay […]

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