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Coming Through: Humor, Me

People who know me know I’ve got an off-beat sense of humor. I find most of my humor in situations others would consider pretty terrible, because I have a sick sad little mind, sometimes. We have to laugh though, because if we don’t we’re gonna get crushed. And that isn’t some two-bit philosophy – sometimes […]

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Coming Through: Good Grief, Again?

Going through the archives of GBB, I frequently find comments where people ask why their brains insist on not just remembering that someone is gone, but reminding them they’re gone. We forget for a few precious seconds and have our minds to ourselves, then bam, we’re hit again. We see a show and laugh, reaching […]

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Coming Through: Polite Yet Firm

Hello again, everyone, William here. I try to make my contributions to the web worth the one-half of an English degree I’ve managed to get, but I am not by nature a particularly polite or restrained guy. I’m impulsive, prone to speaking my mind, and it’s really sabotaged a lot of potential friendships I might […]

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Coming Through: A Blog About Grief

So, hello there. My name is William, and I’ve lost people, just like you have. Let me say a bit about Grief Beyond Belief, to start off. You’re safe with us; we don’t tolerate any breaches of our peoples’ expectations of a safe grieving space here. You won’t find religious platitudes, combative attitudes, or anything […]

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