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I am an educator, writer, and mother trying to squeeze as much fun out of life as possible. I have been involved in various religions throughout my life, including Wicca, evangelical Christianity, and Mormonism. It was while investigating which version of Christianity was the "true" one that I finally discovered none of it made any sense at all, and my atheism was realized. The concoction of my current life includes atheist activism, feminism, politics, roller coasters, theater arts, wine, and enjoying the small pleasures that each day brings.

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On Atheism and Death

Throughout the last year of my life, I have experienced a few heartbreaking losses: my mother passed away last June, and I lost a beloved cat in March. Both of them died rather young, my mother being 57 and Nero, my kitty, being only 2. Both deaths were sudden and shocking sacks of bricks that […]

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