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Grief Beyond Belief is a safe space to grieve free of religion and spiritualism.

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Sasha Sagan on her Father’s “Lessons of Immortality and Mortality”

Last April, Sasha Sagan, the daughter of the late Carl Sagan and Cosmos producer Ann Druyan, wrote a beautiful essay called “Lessons of Immortality and Mortality From My Father, Carl Sagan” chronicling what her parents  taught her about life and death and the kind of immortality that is congruent with reality. One day when I was still […]

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Thank You to Everyone Supporting griefbeyondbelief.org’s Launch

Just like back in June of 2011,when  atheist, Humanist and other secular bloggers stepped up to let people know that Grief Beyond Belief existed, the atheosphere is really doing it’s part to get out the word that Grief Beyond Belief has new resources available here at griefbeyondbelief.org. Hemant Mehta wrote a short but sweet post on his blog […]

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Hank Fox on Why Grief Beyond Belief is Needed

Hank Fox, the author of Red Neck, Blue Collar Atheist: SImple Thoughts About Reason, Gods and Faith, has written eloquently today about the need for secular grief support in a blog entry called “The Club Nobody Wants to Join.”  As always, Hank gets right to the heart of the matter, the emotional experience of grief, […]

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Welcome to griefbeyondbelief.org…

…we are sorry you need us, but glad you found us. This is the club no one wants to join.  And yet here we all are, drawn together by the one thing we have in common: We are grieving with the knowledge that our loss is forever, that there is no heaven above, no spirits sending […]

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On Food and Comfort

From Grief Beyond Belief member William Farlin Cain’s  blog entry on how providing food for grieving friends can be one of the kindest ways to support them in a time of need and sorrow: Food is powerful – most people can eat anything you put in front of them, so making them some manner of […]

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Learning to Grieve Without God: “A weight has been lifted”

From “Part 2 of Grieving without God — Giving up the Ghost” by “Awesome Aunt Kristi” at the grief blog Still Breathing: Eventually, when I had spent all those hours pondering and processing this situation, I came out the other side of discarding the deity and I felt free. Giving up God allowed me to grieve in […]

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“In the aftermath of loss…”

From “Nobody’s Son,” a painful, lovely and secular piece of grief writing by Mark Slouka in The New Yorker. I don’t want to be misunderstood: I’m not selling this as any kind of blueprint, any kind of three- or five- or eight-step program to anything at all; as far as I can tell, there is […]

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