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Grief Beyond Belief is a safe space to grieve free of religion and spiritualism.

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Guest Post: How Not to Deal with Grief

The following essay is anonymous.  The author wanted to share his experience of grieving — and not grieving — during the early years of the AIDS epidemic with a degree of honesty that made it impossible to publish under his own name.   I know I’m not the last man standing, and I know that […]

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On Love, Grief and the Self Unshared

Freethought Blogger Aoife O’Riordan of Consider the Tea Cosy has written an insightful piece about the intersection of her grief at her grandmother’s death and her grief for the barriers to sharing her true self that her grandmother’s religious belief placed between them. Here is an excerpt from “When My Nan Died: Religon, Closets and Love“: And here’s […]

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God’s #*<&ing Plan

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Comfort Without Lies for Small Children

A member of our community wrote to the Grief Beyond Belief Facebook page: My mother has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I have a three year old son who is very close to her. Does anyone know of any non-religious resources to help small children deal with grief? It isn’t easy, and sometimes even people […]

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Faith-Free Spaces Must Also Be Hate-Free

Yesterday, authors Ophelia Benson and Richard Dawkins released a joint statement opposing certain language used in the context of political and personal disagreements in the secular community. Grief Beyond Belief spaces are open to any grieving nonbeliever, regardless of political beliefs. However, in order to keep those spaces safe, welcoming and comforting we maintain strict Conditions of Participation […]

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Video: “What Should We Think About Death?”

Thank you to Recovering from Religion for tweeting this awesome little video by the British Humanist Association. A simple and comforting explanation of Humanist philosophies about death, narrated by Stephen Fry and illustrated with charming animation.  Very appropriate for children.

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“What we should be teaching our children”

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What do you wish you had been told about grief?

Sarah Parmenter’s blog entry, “The Things Nobody Tells You About Grief,” is so damn full of good advice.  If you have recently experienced a loss and are at the beginning of your “grief journey,” this essay is for you.  There is so much that those of us who have lived through the first few years of […]

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Would you attend an in-person secular grief support group?

Interesting conversation starting about in-person secular grief support at the Grief Beyond Belief Facebook page.

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Adam Lee on Grief Beyond Belief

Daylight Atheism blogger Adam Lee is also helping spread the word that griefbeyondbelief.org is available for anyone seeking support and resources.  His insightful post on the evolution of the atheist movement and the work still to be done addresses why secular support is needed by those grieving without belief in God or an afterlife. …I think we […]

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