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Faith-Free Spaces Must Also Be Hate-Free

Yesterday, authors Ophelia Benson and Richard Dawkins released a joint statement opposing certain language used in the context of political and personal disagreements in the secular community. Grief Beyond Belief spaces are open to any grieving nonbeliever, regardless of political beliefs. However, in order to keep those spaces safe, welcoming and comforting we maintain strict Conditions of Participation […]

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Video: “What Should We Think About Death?”

Thank you to Recovering from Religion for tweeting this awesome little video by the British Humanist Association. A simple and comforting explanation of Humanist philosophies about death, narrated by Stephen Fry and illustrated with charming animation.  Very appropriate for children.

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Coming Through: Polite Yet Firm

Hello again, everyone, William here. I try to make my contributions to the web worth the one-half of an English degree I’ve managed to get, but I am not by nature a particularly polite or restrained guy. I’m impulsive, prone to speaking my mind, and it’s really sabotaged a lot of potential friendships I might […]

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To hug or not to hug?

Why is it that my grief seems to give people permission to invade my personal space? A total stranger and I are talking about our work, the way strangers do.  We are on the patio at a club, and we’ve both had a few drinks, so the conversation is a little less coherent and a little more […]

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No, actually we do pretty much know…

Do you ever get tired of hearing people say “Well, we don’t know what happens after someone dies”?  Or, “It’s not like anyone can come back to tell us what happens after we die, so we’re never going to know for sure”?  And then they use that as a justification for believing in their pet afterlife hypothesis: heaven or […]

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“What we should be teaching our children”

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What do you wish you had been told about grief?

Sarah Parmenter’s blog entry, “The Things Nobody Tells You About Grief,” is so damn full of good advice.  If you have recently experienced a loss and are at the beginning of your “grief journey,” this essay is for you.  There is so much that those of us who have lived through the first few years of […]

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